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Guitar Lessons

You may have heard that playing guitar is hard and it takes a long time to learn and master. Maybe, it’s true, but it is not general. There are many easy ways to learn guitar in your free time and play your favorite songs. Do you want to learn how to play the guitar and take your playing to the next level of success? I am here to help you improve your guitar skills.

$30/30min - $50/1h

  • For all ages and all levels
  • Pop- Rock- Jazz- Blues - Fingerstyle
  • Music Theory
  • Ear training

Harmonica Lessons

Have you ever wanted to play your favorite song on harmonica? The harmonica is a unique instrument with great capabilities which make you able to cover many musical styles. It is easy to carry and to learn. Join me to show you how to play your favorite songs on harmonica in the simplest way.

$30/30min - $50/1h

  • For all ages and all levels
  • Chromatic & Diatonic harmonica
  • Jazz, Blues, Irish, Folk, Pop, Classic
  • Music Theory
  • Ear training

Online Lessons

Online private music lessons via Skype, Google Hangouts or Imo. Guitar, Harmonica, Flute Recorder, Music Theory.  Iman music school is proud to announce one to one Online music lessons via Skype, Google Hangouts, Imo Music lessons via the comfort of your own home.

$30/30min - $50/1h

  • For all levels
  • Music lessons via Skype or Imo
  • Guitar, Harmonica, Flute Recorder, Music Theory
  • One to one Online music lessons
  • Online support & checkup
  • Music Theory
  • Ear training
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Iman is a guitarist, Harmonica player, composer, arranger, and music teacher. Music is my life, and I am trying to improve my skills every day and never give up.

I always try to find easy ways to teach music and help my students to take their music to the next level

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Photo credit: Decouvertes Du monde 2017

Permonica Band (PB) was formed officially in 2011 by Iman Rahimipour. The first trend of the band was Guitar and Harmonica ensemble playing with the emphasis on harmonica.This initial approach has maintained, although members and arrangement/combination of the musical instruments have been changing to be more complete.

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I thoroughly enjoy my online harmonica class with Iman. I find each session convenient, helpful, and fun. I also feel that his particular teaching style fosters an enjoyable learning process for me He is focused, patient, and easy-going. Moreover, he works with my schedule! I highly recommend his classes.


“Iman Music School is such a good place to learn music with high-quality lessons and best resources”

Saeid Hakimian

“Iman is the best teacher and best musician”


“An extraordinary music school with a wonderfully creative teacher!”

“Iman is my best teacher and I have learned many things about music from him”


“I’ve been learning harmonica with Iman for a couple of months, and I’ve been progressing very well. he’s doing an excellent job.

Still a lot to learn, but will be easier with Iman for sure!”

“I’ve started learning guitar with Iman about three months ago with some basic knowledge about music and playing guitar, but during these three months, I could improve my knowledge about music theory and how I should play guitar professionally. The interesting point about his classes is that you won’t be just limited to a specific music style, he always tries to widen your knowledge about all the styles. He always gives students motivation to continue and practice their lesson that I think is very important especially for beginners. I’ll strongly suggest him as a guitar teacher”


“En plus d’observer sa maturité musicale et son professionnalisme, j’apprécie tellement son expérience et sa générosité en enseignement”


“Since I’ve started learning music and particularly playing guitar, I found out that how a music professor like Iman could motivate and educate a guitar player in a short time with a worthy skill. I highly recommend him to anyone who likes playing guitar”

“I’ve been Iman’s student for about 5 months by now, I know and have seen a bunch of musicians who play and perform well but don’t have information express skills, and today I’m glad that I have a good instructor such as Iman”


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Iman Rahimipour

International harmonica and guitar player

Certified music teacher

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