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Author: Iman Rahimipour

How to practice music more efficient 
Iman Rahimipour

How to practice music more efficient 

We are living in a busy world, and sometimes it’s too difficult to manage the time. Maybe you have just one opportunity or chance to start and learn a profession, art, business etc.. during your life. Assume you started to learn a musical instrument recently and you are super excited, but if you can’t manage your time and spend some time for daily practice, you’ll give up. So your priority is time management.

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Lets Play Harmonica
Iman Rahimipour

Start Music Affordable

Start Music Affordable Do you want to learn music the cheap way? Read this article before starting anything. I know sometimes getting started with music

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Diatonic harmonica
Blue Harp
Iman Rahimipour

Which Harmonica to Buy

Which Harmonica to Buy? These days there are many kinds of harmonica, and you can play and cover almost all music styles. But before going

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