Permonica Band (PB) was formed officially in 2011 by Iman Rahimipour. The first trend of the band was Guitar and Harmonica ensemble playing with the emphasis on harmonica.This initial approach has maintained, although members and arrangement/combination of the musical instruments have been changing to be more complete.
PB has gone through several names. The band performed well at the festival,( Shiraz, Iran) with the adopted name, Irsa. Music professionals’ and audiences’ admiration was the outcome.
Permonica has attempted to pave a new and different path toward the performance of harmonica pieces. PB( Permonica Band) is the pioneer in harmonica ensemble performance.

After Iman’s immigration to Canada, the band has changed, while the band’s approach has not changed. This time, the goal is performing Persian music in a new way with new and modern arrangements.

To this end, it can proudly state that Permonica is here to show the new ways of performing Persian music with the taste of harmonica and be a perfect representative for Iran in the world of music.